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Welcome to Montreal Mosaic

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It’s impossible to be bored by Montreal, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed—by our amazing history, diverse culture and vibrant arts scene.

Montreal Mosaic is a place to rediscover your city. A meeting place: a place for sharing stories, a place for personal reflections and community perspectives on the past, present and future of a great Canadian metropolis. It’s a place to explore, question and celebrate English-Montreal’s evolving cultural identities.

In particular, Montreal Mosaic is keen to look at how groups and individuals contribute to the local arts, culture and heritage scenes. The web-magazine features an inventory of organizations and places active on these fronts.

The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network is a non-profit, non-partisan umbrella organization engaged with its members in promoting preservation of the built, cultural and natural heritage of Quebec. QAHN aims to advance knowledge of the history of Quebec’s English-speaking communities by informing, inspiring and connecting people through its activities. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Quebec history, heritage and culture. (