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The City of Dorval

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Dorval Coat.jpgIn 1668, Father François Salignac de Fénelon founded a school and a mission post for the Indians n the actual site of our City. This first mission was called “La Présentation”. Father Fénelon was from a noble family whose insignia bore an eagle. On the City of Dorval’s crest, the eagle was introduced symbolically. In fact, it represents in a heraldic fashion the Dorval airport. It is the emblem of strength, majesty, and power. Three green stripes on a golden background symbolizes loyalty, generosity, and glory.

Pierre Le Gardeur de Repentigny was the owner of “La Presentation” at the time. He was a descendant from a family whose crest bore a silver lion, the symbol of combativeness and pride. The patriarchal cross is the emblem of Christianity.

In 1691, Jean-Baptiste Bouchard d’Orval bought the “La Présentation” land. His father had added to his name the word “d’Orval” which was the name of a small hamlet where he was born in Aisne, a province of France. That is the reason for the French crown that dominates the City crest. This crown was stylized to represent a fortification such as the Fort of La Présentation.

The maple leaves represent our great country, Canada. Green is the colour of nature, youth, and optimism. The leaves are held by a red bow, red being symbolic of justice, courage, heroism, and strength, while serving just causes.
The Latin motto means “I am the door of the world”. This saying complements the eagle, king of the skies. It brings to mind the Dorval airport activity.

Several centuries ago, this City was a well-established Christian community. It has become a premier City through which many persons enter and leaves this wonderful country.

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