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Annual Supper & Presentation ("Shoebox Houses, Part of Our Architectural Heritage") by Montreal City Councilor Christine Gosselin

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November 17, 2018
7 p.m.
Entry Fees: 
$25 ($15 for students, unemployed). Reservations should be made in advance by e-mailing or telephoning (514) 271-6650.
Livingstone Presbyterian Church, 7110 de l'Épée Street, Montreal.

Mme. Chriistine Gosselin, is the City Executive Committee member responsible for culture, heritage and design and district councilor for Vieux-Rosemont, where a bylaw has been drafted to protect the small, old, flat-roofed "shoebox" style houses scattered throughout the city. Several remain in Park Extension.

A full-course meal will be served, in the hall of Livingstone Presbyterian Church whose congregation began in the 1920's, at 7110 de l'Épée Street across from Athena Park on Jean Talon West (metro Parc).

Accessible to those who have difficulty with stairs.

All are welcome to come and share our interest in local history and heritage buildings.