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"Reflection," by Keira Morcos

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"Reflection," by Keira Morcos

"Reflection," by Keira Morcos (West Island College)

"At a quick glance, one may see an ancient battered door. But, if you look closer you can see my reflection from when I took this photograph. Although this was not done intentionally I’m happy about this accident. Because upon seeing my reflection it made me wonder about the many reflections that have been seen through this old door.

This door belongs to the oldest windmill on the island of Montreal and one of the 18 remaining windmills in the province of Quebec. I learnt that this particular windmill dates back to 1710. I can only imagine how many nameless faces have been captured by this door’s windowpane over the past three hundred years. Some of these faces are young, some are old and are from many different countries. Reflecting on the diversity that is Quebec. But the reflection that grabs my heart the most is the reflection of the indigenous people who had the opportunity to glance at themselves through these window panes. For it is important for us to remember the first people to walk those shores, even before the windmill existed, were indigenous. This is important to me because in those faces I see my own. I am proud to see my indigenous ancestors looking back at me as my heart swells with pride as I look at them."