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Abuelas on the Staircase, by Kristina Martinez, Secondary 5, Laurier Senior High School, Laval (3rd Prize, 2012 QAHN Heritage Photo Contest)

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Abuelas on the Staircase, by Kristina Martinez

Category: cultural heritage

I took this photograph in summer 2010 on my trip to Havana. These two old ladies were sitting on the base of a staircase chatting. I got to speak to them for a little while and they were a true delight. I think they really showed a form of cultural heritage, as they represent a classic scene in these Cuban cities. These grandmothers sitting on the dusty steps represent the origin of families, their wrinkle lines a testimony of their age and experience. Lastly, I named this photo “Abuelas on the staircase,” because abuela is the Spanish word for grandmother.

Kristina Martinez, Laurier Senior High School, 2012.