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Church in the Sky, by Kristina Martinez, Secondary 5, Laurier Senior High School, Laval

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Church in the Sky, by Kristina Martinez

Category: built heritage

I took this picture on vacation with my family last summer in Barcelona, Spain. I quickly fell in love with its busy streets, old architecture and good food. My lovely experience is part of the reason I chose this picture. It ‘s the image of an old church, displaying some of the city’s built heritage. This photograph also reflects the people’s pride in their country’s history as this building has been preserved for centuries. In the distance, we can also see the local flags; both the Spanish national flag as well as the Catalan provincial flag. I also believe this is evidence of the type of city Barcelona is… one that is a testimony of history and cultural richness.

Kristina Martinez, Laurier Senior High School, 2012.