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Coco Taxis in Havana, by Kristina Martinez, Secondary 5, Laurier Senior High School, Laval

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Coco Taxis in Havana, by Kristina Martinez

Category: cultural heritage

This photograph was taken in the summer of 2010 in Havana, Cuba, and represents a scene of cultural heritage. The focus of the image is on two coco taxis, awaiting customers in the busy plaza in front of the Capitol building. During my stay in the city, I came to realize that these taxis are a typical form of transportation, also a very popular tourist attraction. Through the years, the use of these coco taxis has come to be a part of their culture and their interactions with foreign visitors. The other elements in the image also represent the city’s character. It clearly illustrates the ambiance of the streets in Cuba’s capital; a mix of local families and curious tourists. The background scenery, as well, shows the beautiful old architecture the city is so well known for.

Kristina Martinez, Laurier Senior High School, 2012.