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Our Fallen, by Alaethia Poettcker, Secondary 3, Beaconsfield High School

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Our Fallen, by Alaethia Poettcker

Category: cultural heritage

Canadian heritage is something we cherish and build off every time we spend time with loved ones doing something we love. Heritage is tradition with family and the ones that are close to you. Heritage helps us persevere and motivates us to do our best.

The photograph titled “Our Fallen” (taken Feb. 20, 2012), represents our cultural heritage. If you live in Canada, you are probably a fan of hockey. Families sit around the TV cheering on their favorite teams, hoping their team wins the Stanley Cup. Because we live in Montreal, my family’s team is naturally the Canadiens. The bleu, blanc et rouge have been here for over 100 years making them a very special and important part of our culture. This image represents the spirit of our heroes which keeps this sport we love so much alive. They have inspired so many people to keep reaching there goals and never give up, and that you can do something you love for a job.

Alaethia Poettcker, Beaconsfield High School, 2012.