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That Time of Year Again, by Alaethia Poettcker, Secondary 3, Beaconsfield High School

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That Time of Year Again, by Alaethia Poettcker

Category: cultural heritage

“That Time of Year Again” (taken Mar. 23, 2012), is inspired by my families road trips during the holiday seasons. I could never sleep the night before a trip. I would be too exited to wake up at 5 am to pack up the mini-van and make our traditional stop at Tim Horton’s and grab a hot chocolate and a muffin for the ride. Its something that my family and I would do every time we would go on on long trips. I would get even more exited when it was “Rrrrrrole Up the Rrrrrrim” season. I couldn’t wait to finish my hot chocolate so I could see if I won a car. I never did win a car but I aways hoped I would... so did my dad, but we were happy to settle for a free doughnut when we could. I am sure lots of other families share in the happy Tim Horton’s heritage as well. Wether it be to grab a quick bite to eat and a large coffee for dad before going to hockey practice early in the morning or just to spend quality time with a loved one over I nice cup of hot chocolate.

Alaethia Poettcker, Beaconsfield High School, 2012.