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Southwest Montreal

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Rohinton Ghandhi
Province / State: 

May 20, 2010

Dear Editor,

I saw your site and I just had to contact you, as I am myself, capturing
historical stories from here in Montreal, including chronicling the Verdun
Guardian war memories to Digital clips... their local experiences... their
thoughts...before they are all gone...and we can no longer capture their
stories... our stories... forever... what a loss that would be!

I write a local freelance column here in Montreal, for the Suburban, called
the Southwest Corner, and I was hoping you would enjoy my below articles, as
much as I did in writing them.

Thanks so much, and I truly hope we can connect to capture many more
stories...stories that held the dream... of our people.... of our
country... Canada.

Rohinton Ghandhi
Verdun (Montreal), Quebec