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Glen Plaque

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The Westmount Historical Association has installed a plaque in the GLEN to explain the centuries of use by humans. At first, streams flowed from the many springs where Westmount Park is today. In the 1800s, Scottish immigrants who built large homes on the sunny slopes of Westmount walked beside the streams to reach the church and the railway station in St. Henri.

In the early 1700s, the French farming families who were deeded land along Côte St. Antoine Road transported their farm produce to market in Ville-Marie through the GLEN. Before that, the Native People of the area walked to the petite St. Pierre River. You are urged to bring your children
and your visitors to Montreal to view this important transportation link running between Westmount and St. Henri as it takes you under the magnificent CPR Railway Arch.

Location: The GLEN Road, corner of Lansdowne Ave. and St. Catherine St. West in