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QAHN Funding Announcement: "Heritage, Culture and Communication: Balancing Traditional and Digital Media in a Changing World"

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--May 1, 2018.

The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network is pleased to announce that its project "Heritage, Culture and Communication: Balancing Traditional and Digital Media in a Changing World" has received funding through the Department of Canadian Heritage's Official Languages Funding Program, Community Life Component. The amount of the grant, which will be awarded over two fiscal years, is $107,825.

According to the heritage network, against the backdrop of an "ever-shifting digital landscape, organizations are being challenged to come up with creative ways to communicate their mission, message and programming." Coping with the reality of technology that seems to "evolve at a dizzying pace," the organization notes, is "a daunting task for many historical societies, museums and other community-based organizations."

Within that context, the activities associated with this exciting project, including a series of one-day regional conferences, will explore a range of questions relating to modern communications. What are the most effective (and cost-effective) ways for non-profits to communicate? What are appropriate technologies to use? What skills are needed to navigate the range of media available? How can traditional media, such as print publishing, best be integrated with web-based publishing, social media, mobile apps, online marketing, and other digital communication tools? Can non-profits afford to use them all? If not, how do they build a strategy that works?

QAHN Executive Director Matthew Farfan is delighted the value of this initiative has been recognized. "QAHN has a long track record of managing innovative projects that provide real value to the heritage and cultural sectors of English-speaking Quebec," he says. "This project will enable us to build on other recent successes, such as initiatives that have focused on volunteerism in the heritage and cultural sectors, funding diversification for non-profits, and others."

QAHN President Simon Jacobs echoes these sentiments. "Heritage, Culture and Communication," he says, will enable us to continue working to strengthen the institutions and the individuals that keep our community vibrant -- and relevant -- in this century."


Matthew Farfan
Executive Director, QAHN