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QAHN Strategic Planning Under Way!

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--September 9, 2013.

larger_img_4442.jpgBoard members, staff and volunteers with the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network gathered this past Saturday, September 7, at the Sandman Hotel in Longueuil to begin the process of renewing QAHN's 5-year strategic plan, a process that will take several months to complete.

QAHN's goal is to draft a new strategic planning document to guide it through its next five years of continued growth. Part of that process will involve consulting QAHN's membership.

larger_img_4453.jpgThe day-long planning session was an engaging, inspiring, even fun, event, expertly facilitated by Kit Malo of the Centre for Community Organizations (COCO).

Participants included Simon Jacobs (President); JoAnn Oberg-Muller (VP); Derek Hopkins (Secretary); Dick Evans (Treasurer); Carol Meindl (Director); Ann Montgomery (Director; Susan larger_img_4461.jpgChirke (Director); James Caputo (Director); Richard Smith (Director); Dorothy Williams (Director); Grant Myers (Director); Kevin O'Donnell (Past President); Sandra Stock (former VP); Rod MacLeod (Quebec Heritage News Editor and Montreal Committee Chair); and Matthew Farfan (Executive Director).

During several hours of brainstorming, a number of excellent ideas were brought forth. Now QAHN's task is to synthesize those ideas into a coherent, streamlined document.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!...