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Coming soon to a Graveyard near you!... Scandal Makers, Season 3 in the Works!

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larger_julie_miller_francois_roy_and_thomas_gasser_in_nicolet_12-08-22_0.jpg--August 15, 2022.

Work is well under way on Season 3 of QAHN's popular "Scandal Makers" documentary film series, and our "Scandal Makers" production team has been back on the road, notably in the Centre du Québec and Trois-Rivières regions.

This summer and fall, coordinator Heather Darch and camera operator / film editor Thomas Gasser are visiting several very early cemeteries in Quebec's heartland, to find out just what secrets lay buried within their crumbling walls. Special guests this series are Julie Miller and François Roy, both very well versed in local history and lore. Stay tuned for more updates!

In the meantime, to view Scandal Makers, Seasons 1 and 2, visit QAHN's Youtube channel, where all our films are archived.