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Verdun's Église Notre-Dame-De-La-Paix To Be demolished

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--June 5, 2014.

The Notre-Dame-De-La-Paix church in Verdun is set to be demolished to make way for an intermediate resource center, according to this announcement at the city's website: link. The beautiful church has been abandoned for some time now. It was inaugurated with a midnight mass on 24 December 1950. This church replaced an older church with the same name. Its location is sort of an issue: it's isolated by LaSalle boul, Ethel street, Strathmore street and Gertrude street. It had two addresses: on Ethel and Strathmore. This is sad for several reasons which I won't go into but Verdun has probably more churches per square kilometer than any other borough on the island. And not just ordinary churches but BIG churches. 10 years or so ago I wanted to make a book on the churches of Verdun because many of them are (were) quite impressive includingSt. John the Divine church on Moffat street which was converted into condos. I abandoned the book project after St. John the Divine was converted into condos.

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