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The Dorval Historical Society

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Physical Description: 

The Dorval Historical Society was founded in 1984 and is the dean of the West Island's historical societies. Its mission is to preserve, consolidate, study and promote the history of Dorval (people, monuments, objects, photographs, documents, etc.) in the best interest of Dorval residents. It aims to encourage the latter to understand and familiarize themselves with the history of their city and to encourage them to know the roots and traditions of their community. Besides organizing many conferences and activities throughout the year, it produces “Heritage Dorval”, a yearly historical magazine, and publishes a Heritage Guide of century-old houses, buildings and other heritage sites of Dorval, and has marked the heritage tour with descriptive plaques in front of each site.

Contact Information :

Dorval Historical Society
Centre communautaire Sarto Fournier
1335 Lakeshore Drive
Dorval (Quebec) H9S 2E5

Source: Société du patrimoine de l’Ouest-de-l’Île and the Dorval Historical Socity.