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A wide array of voices as already contributed to Montreal Mosaic by providing their personal reflections. These stories examine how people and groups fit into and add to the social fabric of Greater Montreal, what identity or identities they’ve adopted, and how this city has shaped them.

Some concentrate on the history and development of a particular neighbourhood, town or ethnic group. Others focus on a particular institution’s role and place in the metropolitan region. Still others are the unique perspectives of individuals, whether they are artists that deal with these themes professionally or simply citizens with their own take on things.

Montreal Mosaic encourages individuals and organizations to add their own stories to our collection. Here are some of the questions we aim to explore:

  • How did you come to be living here, to be a Montrealer? If you work with an organization, when and why was it established?
  • What has been the historical experience of a community with whom you identify or serve? (This could be an ethnic group, religious community, cultural troop, a profession, a gender or sexual orientation, a particular generation, etc.)
  • What identities have you or your group developed, living and working here? How are you unique?
  • How do these identities relate to one-another? How have they evolved over time?
  • How do you, your organization or your group contribute to community-building?
  • How and why do you use the English language? What other languages do you use?

Of course, there are no wrong answers to these questions. The goal of Montreal Mosaic is to showcase a diversity of local perspectives and identities. Nevertheless, this is a place for respect and sharing.

One of the advantages of a web-magazine is that contributors are not bound by conventional article format; we happily include poems, photographs, video, audio and other media that help to tell the story. The editorial staff at Montreal Mosaic suggests that the written component of any contribution be no longer than 1 000 words. We appreciate bilingual submissions.